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Why no introduction?

I continue to receive 'friend' requests on Facebook from people that I don't know.  Sometimes we have 'Friends in common' which at least allows me to make a connection of sorts such as knowing they are an artist that works in a genre that I am interested in, and they have realized this based on our mutual friends. Or perhaps we obviously have a similar interest based on our blogs or other social media and I know of them at least. I am usually alright with that. But at least introduce yourself.
Still I don't understand why, if someone doesn't know me, they can't include a little note just saying Hi Wendy I am a friend of so and so He /She has mentioned you, or I follow one of your Blogs or something.  If you can't bother to introduce yourself (which is rude anyway) and I see no connection and I don't know you, I am not going to add you.  I don't make my FB public for this reason.


No peeking! How Rude.

Black Pansies

I have found a place that sells seeds for black flowers. These are among the choices! I am sending for these seeds as quickly as possible! Excellent!

Corpse Flower

The very next time that one of these blooms at the Huntington or the Arboretum, I am going to make it a point to go see it.  It is so photogenic, and I am gonna bring my special lenses and get as close as I can. I might have to hold my breath however. The seeds for one of these are available. Do you think there would be any issue with trying to grow one on my back patio?

I LOVE this!

This is just so super, totally excellent!

Bats Day at Disneyland

Me with my Japanese parasol, not takin any chances roasting in the sun and it was HOT on Sunday. Many more pictures on the GTS site of course!

Mad Tea Party for May Day

Here is my table ready for Tea!