Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fancy Women

Helloooooo . . .  Captain?

Skulls in Art

Skulls are so Artistic! They just pop themselves into art and it becomes even more interesting!

Come into my Parlor. .

I hate Westboro Baptists

Hahaha! Screw you Westboro Baptists- Take these signs! Thank you sign people!

Beautiful Stuff

Funny Stuff

My friend Annie posts the greatest pictures in her MySpace comments. Like these two! Funny

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some of my Art

Doll shelf, spray paint and acrylic paint.

The large blue framed mirror in this photo is called the VooDoo Mirror. I painted it years ago. It was part of an old bedroom set being thrown out by a neighbor many years ago, so I asked if I could have it. See Sedona, Pio and Alice looking back at you?

This is the VooDoo table. It resides at the top of the stairs because there is not much room there.

These are a set of wooden nesting dolls that I painted about a year ago.

Sacred Heart table, in progress in my studio- also known as my kitchen.

 Old Metal cake pan I painted last year

Organizing my Dolls

I spent some of today sorting out my Dolls. I picked up this small child's bookshelf, gave it a red and black paint treatment and now it is perfect for my smaller dolls. Top: L to R 2 Madame Talbot dolls, 2 October Effigies, 2 Creepy doll tiny nuns. 

Bottom L-R Living Dead dolls Sinister Minister, and Nasty Habit, but sitting on their laps are the black and white calalily, and Friday the 13th October Effigies dolls, then is another Living Dead Doll sitting most unlady like (she doesn't care, she kills people), the Black Heart O.E. doll, Lizzy Borden- LDD, and another LDD sitting on a lovely decoupage box made by Annie. (she made the book on the left side of the bottom shelf too)

This is my large Day of the Dead/Vintage Halloween cabinet. Guarded vigilantly by Anubis on the right. In here I have my large DoD figurines on the top shelf cuz it is the only tall area, and the rest of the stone, papier mache and clay skulls below those.

This is Dr. Nicholas Blood. He is a Madame Talbot doll. He is a Plague Doctor. A fine and regal gentleman he is.

These dolls are all Creepy Dolls made by the very talented Christie Couch. I found this plain wood shelf with red, white and blue heard cut- outs screwed into it at a thrift shop. I turned it upside down and painted it black with Day of the Dead decor ( my favorite theme) hung it up and voila! It is perfect for my 16 inch dolls as you can see. The frames below it hold 2 Black and white photographs, one by Jeff and one by me, and in the middle is our digital frame which is full of photographs that we have taken on our various road trips. I love being able to see them this way.

These are some of my larger Creepy Dolls. That is Dark Alice standing up high on the left, she has a bottle in her hand that says 'Drink Me'. Then Sedona in the center. Of all my dolls people fear Sedona most because her facial expression seems to change. Sometimes she looks happy or content, other times she looks angry. No one wants Sedona to be angry! Finally there is Pio. I had Pio about a week before my youngest daughter saw her. My daughter was sitting on the couch across from Pio when she suddenly spotted her! "What the fuck is that!?" "What the. . !!??" she screamed suddenly! Pio is very lifelike despite her cracked skull. Until that night she didn't have a name, so I named her Pio after Padre Pio- which is another thing that creeps my daughter out. I figured why not go for broke? 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ozzy Osbourne- I am Ozzy

I have just about finished this book. There have been many things written about Ozzy, but it is great to hear it from him. If you are a fan of Ozzy as I am- you are sure to enjoy it

Monday, February 15, 2010

Driving to work

Every day, to get to the office,

I have to leave about 2 hours early, just in case

Because I have to take 4 different highways, and you never know

How the traffic will be, coming or going. Did I mention I HATE the 10? Well, I do.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valen- Tink!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ravens & Writing Desks

"Why is a raven like a writing desk?" The answer Lewis Carroll gives is that "They both produce a few notes, all very flat, and are almost never turned the wrong way front."

or is it
"Because the notes for which they are noted are not noted for being musical notes"

or perhaps
"Because Poe wrote on both."

or maybe it's because
"Both have inky quills."

or the obvious
 "because there's a B in both, and there's an N in neither."

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I have not posted much lately because my new job location and a large portion of the people in that office are so draining to be around that I just haven't been able to get anything done after work except dinner and a crawl to bed. I am off today else by this late hour of 6:04 am I would be well on my way.

Yes the drive is long, but it would not be half as bad if the destination wasn't so depressing. It even smells funny. This office is at least twice as bad with the gossip and crap than the last one ever was, even at its worst.  The more of it I hear, the more I can feel myself withdraw from being too social with the folks I don't know there. A behavior which will only give fuel to some peoples fires. I just give smiles and good mornings to all, and then proceed to 'look extremely busy' all day even when just reading e-mail.

And except for 2, I have absolutely no trust or respect for the management staff. An incompetent, sneaky bunch of self serving, power whore, whiners who haven't the slightest ability how transparent they are to the observing eye. This is a new location for me but I have worked in a capacity with these individuals for almost 10 years, so my feelings are based on my direct observations and experiences.

After almost being laid off last December, this seems like a cruel joke. Although I have been with this company almost 20 years, I now find myself gearing up the resume and actually looking to see what is out there. And while any office environment is going to have some of these idiocies,  the fact that 99% of the employees in this department despise their jobs, just makes them more venomous than most.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day

According to those in the inner circle- the Groundhogs have said 6 more weeks of Winter. I am ready for Spring! Sigh. . .

Monday, February 1, 2010


Yellow is the color of the sun, the feeling of fun, 
the yolk of an egg, a duck's bill, 
a canary bird and a daffodil. 
Yellow's sweet corn, ripe oats, 
hummingbirds' little throats
Summer squash and Chinese silk
the cream on top of Jersey milk
dandelions and daisy hearts, 
custard pies and lemon tarts.
Yellow blinks on summer nights 
in the off and on of firefly lights.
Yellow's a topaz, a candle flame.  
Felicity's a yellow name.
Yellow's mimosa, and I guess,
yellow is the color of happiness.


Green is the grass and the leaves of trees
Green is the smell of a country breeze.
Green is lettuce and sometimes the sea.
When green is a feeling you pronounce it N. V.
Green is a coolness you get in the shade
of the tall old woods where the moss is made.
Green is a flutter that comes in Spring
when frost melts out of everything.
Green is a grasshopper, Green is jade
Green is hiding in the shade -- -- --
Green is an olive and a pickle.
The sound of Green is a water trickle
Green is the world after the rain, 
bathed and beautiful again.
April is green, peppermint too.   
Every elf has one Green shoe.
Under a grape arbor air is green 
with sprinkles of sunlight in between.
Green is the meadow, Green is the fuzz
that covers up where winter was
Green is ivy and honeysuckle vine.
Green is yours, Green is mine...

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