Monday, February 1, 2010


Green is the grass and the leaves of trees
Green is the smell of a country breeze.
Green is lettuce and sometimes the sea.
When green is a feeling you pronounce it N. V.
Green is a coolness you get in the shade
of the tall old woods where the moss is made.
Green is a flutter that comes in Spring
when frost melts out of everything.
Green is a grasshopper, Green is jade
Green is hiding in the shade -- -- --
Green is an olive and a pickle.
The sound of Green is a water trickle
Green is the world after the rain, 
bathed and beautiful again.
April is green, peppermint too.   
Every elf has one Green shoe.
Under a grape arbor air is green 
with sprinkles of sunlight in between.
Green is the meadow, Green is the fuzz
that covers up where winter was
Green is ivy and honeysuckle vine.
Green is yours, Green is mine...

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