Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I have not posted much lately because my new job location and a large portion of the people in that office are so draining to be around that I just haven't been able to get anything done after work except dinner and a crawl to bed. I am off today else by this late hour of 6:04 am I would be well on my way.

Yes the drive is long, but it would not be half as bad if the destination wasn't so depressing. It even smells funny. This office is at least twice as bad with the gossip and crap than the last one ever was, even at its worst.  The more of it I hear, the more I can feel myself withdraw from being too social with the folks I don't know there. A behavior which will only give fuel to some peoples fires. I just give smiles and good mornings to all, and then proceed to 'look extremely busy' all day even when just reading e-mail.

And except for 2, I have absolutely no trust or respect for the management staff. An incompetent, sneaky bunch of self serving, power whore, whiners who haven't the slightest ability how transparent they are to the observing eye. This is a new location for me but I have worked in a capacity with these individuals for almost 10 years, so my feelings are based on my direct observations and experiences.

After almost being laid off last December, this seems like a cruel joke. Although I have been with this company almost 20 years, I now find myself gearing up the resume and actually looking to see what is out there. And while any office environment is going to have some of these idiocies,  the fact that 99% of the employees in this department despise their jobs, just makes them more venomous than most.
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