Sunday, August 29, 2010

New photo posts on the Queen Mary

About a month ago, we took a long planned trip to the Queen Mary specifically to photograph her and some of her more interesting details.

I am now in the process of posting that blog over on our November Obscura blog. Alas I did not seem to have captured any ghosts though I was alone for at least 10 minutes b the infamous Hatch 13!

Looking ahead to my Vacation at the end of October so I can get some new pics. We have our destination planned and a few additional photo ideas for the spare days as well.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Doll, not much else

I have not posted in quite a while I realized. Mostly because I have been so busy and with the overtime hours plus commute I am on line for maybe 10 minutes after work and then I am asleep. It is really true that saying about all work and no play. 
This is my newest doll. I thought I deserve her since I have been doin nothing but workin.

So lets see what is new. Well 5 people retiring from my office,  I am fairly sure the building I am in is haunted, My new car had to be in the shop and get a brand new transmission, cost Toyota almost $4000. I took a rock to my windshield on Monday, we have a kit on it now, so hopefully I can make use of this slightly used windshield a while longer. I have some Queen Mary photos to process and post on the November Obscura blog. And I am still behind on most of the things I NEED to do, let alone want to do.

I will be reopening the Etsy shops for the season soon. I really need to be able to stay up late to get stuff done.
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