Friday, March 19, 2010

Strike Vote Authorized

So here it is:

CWA Members Vote Strike Authorization at Verizon California, Inc.
Santa Fe Springs, March 19 – Members of the Communications Workers of America working at Verizon California voted overwhelmingly to give CWA leaders authorization to call a strike if a fair contract cannot be reached. If a strike is called, about 5,500 Verizon workers, almost all of whom work in Southern California will walk off the job, affecting land line telephone operations throughout the greater Los Angeles area.
The existing union contract expired on March 13, and employees are now working under a contract extension. Negotiations are still underway on behalf of CWA-represented workers, with disagreement over health care premiums and a proposed mandatory sales commission program that the union believes would be bad for workers and consumers. Also at issue is Verizon’s transfer of work out of California. In the course of these negotiations, Verizon sent jobs performed by union members in Oxnard to Tijuana.
CWA reported that 90 percent of members voted in favor of strike authorization in balloting conducted by CWA local unions. Voter turnout was very high.
“The strike authorization vote demonstrates members’ solid support for their bargaining team and their strong determination to achieve a fair settlement with Verizon,” said District Vice President Jim Weitkamp. “Verizon can well afford to treat its workers fairly.”

First I come 2 people from being laid off, now this! The waiting game begins. Can't afford to be without pay, but also with the extra long drive I now do, it is costing me more money to get to work at all. Most people in Calif don't realize how Verizon is sending jobs out of state. Now they have sent a bunch of work to Mexico!! WTF!!
This is not looking good.

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