Sunday, November 7, 2010

Anniversary Get Away

For our annual anniversary get away, we went up to the Pismo Beach area to a Hot Springs resort.

Above is the cove at Avilla Beach

Pismo Beach was once famous for its clams. Here is the Pismo version of a pumpkin- a Halloween Clam!

Pismo is also Famous for being able to drive on the beach. But you have to use caution, because not everyone follows the right path, and if you follow them you could find yourself in trouble. . . like we did.

Scion + Beach = Fail!

Priscilla had a great time at the beach, she had a big smile on her face even while we were wondering how we would get the car out of the sand. Thankfully some kind strangers helped us!

Once we were unstuck and driving on the right part of the sand, this fellow came to see if we had any  food which we did not.

View of the beach when your car is not stuck in the sand.


Not sure what these posts were for, but they were interesting.

We took a walk around the area- very pretty.

We also found our way to a Labyrinth. More photos of the Labyrinth are HERE on our November Obscura blog. 

Filling the tub with Hot Springs mineral water. Smells quite a bit - high Sulphur content. And don't wear your silver jewelry in this water! We must have had 10 long soaks in the 2 days we were there.

A lovely place and we do plan to return. But I was amazed at the horrid lamps in our room. So much so that I had to share.

This was the view we had at dinner one night. The food was good, the view lovely, but the waiter, not so much. 

I do not even like Calamari, but it just can not be a plus to list "tubes and tentacles" on your menu- thats just gross.

Beachfront Tables at sunset

With our dinner came a show. It seems that the local Firemen come to the beachfront to jog and do push ups. Note the surfboard on the Fire Truck. Only in California!

Closed for the season. . 

Row of Pelicans in flight


Before leaving the next day, we popped back to the beach for some coffee at this place in Avilla Beach.
 Great Coffee!

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