Saturday, December 4, 2010

Haunted Mansion Holiday

From the start of October until just after the New Year, The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland is turned into a Nightmare before Christmas Mansion. I always enjoy the Mansion and love the fun of the brief change. 
People are not allowed to take flash pictures inside, and most cameras are not fast enough to capture clear photos inside due to the low light and ride movement. Jeff tried anyway, and the result was quite interesting I think.

I decided to post these, even though many of the inside photos are double exposed and have a blur, if you are familiar with the Mansion you will still know what the picture is of. And if not, you still might find an odd beauty in them.

This is inside the elevator- where the portraits stretch

The giant Jack head that appears at the top of the elevator where the hanging body normally is.

Another view of Jack

The 'nightmare' portraits in the hallway as you leave the elevator and walk to the black christmas sleighs!

Two close ups of the changing portraits in the hallway

Skull trim! Excellent!

One of 2 statues at the end of the hall that turn and follow you as you walk by. And look! a friendly spider has sent us a holiday message in it's web!

and now it's time to get into your black christmas sleigh!

This is where you get into the Doombuggies, which are called black christmas sleighs during the holiday time. In the background is a mountain of scarily wrapped presents and characters and a banner that says Merry Christmas, but then changes to Scary Christmas

Here is a closer view- sort of. See the Mayor, Sally and the Witch?

This is a view of the hallway - where during 'normal' time, there is a floating candelabra. At Holiday time, its where Jack's doggie Zero floats toward this large pile of bones with a bow and tag that says 'To: Zero'

This is a hallway with lots of doors, whose door knockers and handles move constantly. There is a sign hung up that says Tomb Sweet Tomb, among the portraits on the walls. You can't see it here, but this is where the famous Haunted Mansion wallpaper is.

This is the seance room where Madam Leona normally sits - or her head does- inside a crystal ball. At holiday time they put her in a big floating ornament! 

This is the Birthday Party table in the ballroom. For the holiday time, there is a big gingerbread Jack in the middle. You can see him popping up!

Another look at the table with purple bat lights!

In the attic, where the killer bride normally is, are lots of evily wrapped gifts and this scary Jack in the Box

Also there is a huge snake up there!

This is the one clear picture we were able to get. The ride had stopped while we were in the snowy graveyard.

Jack stands with his christmas sack at the bottom of the attic stairs in the graveyard (where the frightened sexton and dog usually are) Jack asks you if you have been naughty or nice. I yelled out to him that Jeff has been Naughty and I have been nice. Just so he knows.

These are the singing pumpkins in the snowy graveyard

Under the giant snow angel with the pumpkin face

This is actually the end where Oggie Boogie spins the wheel for your fate. You cant see it but I loved the swirl of colors!

This is not part of the Mansion, but it has Jack and Sally as well as Maleficent.
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