Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring and The March Hare

Spring has arrived and not a moment too soon!
I look forward to lots of spring flowers, and the days growing longer. Happy equinox!

One beacon of Spring is The March Hare.  The March Hare and his madness comes from the springtime crazies displayed by bunnies at this time of year. Perhaps they are jumping for joy at the beauty of Spring!

A long-held view is that the hare will behave strangely and excitedly throughout its breeding season, which in Europe is the month of March (but which in fact extends over several months beyond March).

 This odd behaviour includes boxing at other hares, jumping vertically for seemingly no reason and generally displaying abnormal behavior. An early verbal record of this animal's strange behaviour occurred in about 1500, in the poem Blowbol's Test  where the original poet said:

Thanne þey begyn to swere and to stare, And be as braynles as a Marshe hare

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