Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dracula's Dirt

In the mid 1970's, One summer whilst thumbing through some 'kids' magazine, I spotted this advertisement!

I was immediately enthralled. I HAD to get my hands on one of these. The cost was a bit less then. $9.95 was a fortune to a kid back then. I think with shipping (All the way from Transylvania no doubt) It was a little over $6.00. I saved up my allowance, and then gave it to my dad and had him write a check out for the coffin. Off it went in the mail, the kind with stamps, the only kind around in those days.

I can recall having to wait almost all summer, but then one day before school had resumed, it arrived! I knew it would. It's no gimmick, not a gag or a spoof ya know! (The Ad said so!)

Loved it on sight! But I only wore it on certain chosen nights. I didn't want to waste its obvious magic.

I still have it some 38 years later.

Actual, REAL, dirt from Dracula's castle. Probably contains REAL Vampire dust too!

And yes, I did wear it as I wrote this.

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