Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Striped Obsession

I am mad for stripes! I especially love black and white stripes, but I have been branching out and trying to be less of a stripe snob and accept stripes in other combinations.

When can I get this?

I have an all black table very much like this. .  Hmmmm

Striped rug and chest of drawers! Double Win!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Levitated Mass LACMA

Way back in the twentieth century—1969, to be precise—Michael Heizer had the idea for an artwork he’d call Levitated Mass. It would be a massive rock perched atop a long slot in the earth. He even got so far as to start creating the artwork in the Nevada desert: he had a 120-ton rock and he dug out the slot. Unfortunately, one of two cranes he was using to mount the rock buckled under the weight, and the project was not completed.
Read the rest HERE at LACMAS own blog!

Here is the rock arriving at it's new home!

I have not seen it in person yet, but we are sure to go before the year is out.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dracula's Dirt

In the mid 1970's, One summer whilst thumbing through some 'kids' magazine, I spotted this advertisement!

I was immediately enthralled. I HAD to get my hands on one of these. The cost was a bit less then. $9.95 was a fortune to a kid back then. I think with shipping (All the way from Transylvania no doubt) It was a little over $6.00. I saved up my allowance, and then gave it to my dad and had him write a check out for the coffin. Off it went in the mail, the kind with stamps, the only kind around in those days.

I can recall having to wait almost all summer, but then one day before school had resumed, it arrived! I knew it would. It's no gimmick, not a gag or a spoof ya know! (The Ad said so!)

Loved it on sight! But I only wore it on certain chosen nights. I didn't want to waste its obvious magic.

I still have it some 38 years later.

Actual, REAL, dirt from Dracula's castle. Probably contains REAL Vampire dust too!

And yes, I did wear it as I wrote this.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Only in L.A. The first in a long series

In L.A. we drive EVERYWHERE! But you can strap a bike to your sports car to give the appearance that you ride it sometimes.

Cupcake ATM! The only bad thing, there are not enough and that means a line. We don't like lines in L.A. Lines mean being patient. Hello? 

We LOVE Zombies here. But we keep them under control!

Everyone knows that these green tinted medicine bottles are for Medical Marijuana. Duhhh! Oh. .  you didn't know? Obviously. .  YOU are not from Los Angeles.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oddities of the Sea

This rare Blue lobster was caught recently off the coast of Novia Scotia. A Blue lobster like this is a 1 in 2 million phenomenon. 

Even more rare is a Yellow lobster. A Yellow lobster is a 1 in 30 million occurance.

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