Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentines Day Retro & Vintage cards

So... You are going to boil me and have me for dinner?

I wanted to make a post for Valentine's day. I stumbled across these vintage & retro Valentines. 
quite a few of them are hilarious. The sort you would HATE to get from the boy in your class that you had a crush on!

Not sure I feel the love here. Unless the giver is a steak lover. But the whole meat cleaver thing..

Loving Skeletons as I do, I would adore to be given this one!

'So I threaten you with a big GUN!' Creepy.

I want to run you through!

Is that a Banana or are you just happy to see me?

'I'll nail you'? WTF?

This one is moveable so you can demonstrate how you will push 
your intended into the jaws of death, if she refuses you!


Just nasty. This would ruin any girls Valentines day.
(You gave me dentures!)

Recycled Halloween cat.

This is a bit forward and cheeky!


Nothing says I Love you like a Fly and a place for flies to die!

And there will be more bloody arrows!

And by 'Dictator' I mean go put some pants on you look like a girl!

At first glance 'it' sure does look 'loaded'. Placement fail.

Seriously? Duct Tape? Don't you have any Golden Thread or something?
You're an Angel for christsakes!

Bugs + 'You Bug me' = Valentine Fail

OK- First. . where are your PANTS? You Screw what?  with a Pig- tail too?
A pig on a Valentine is always bad. And you are a Ginger to boot!

A Winner! He wants me for my mind! 

Any boy would run from any girl who gave him this card!

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