Monday, January 4, 2010

The Gas Co.

I have lived in this house for 3 + years now. It is all electric. But we have always smelled natural gas outside near the common driveway. But when you call to report it, you are told- there is no gas on your street. Well, yes we know it is, but still we can smell it. The Gas Co. adds that horrid scent to it so people CAN smell it.

So today at about 6:00 PM a big gas truck pulls up right in front and they begin drilling holes in our newly repaved street. One of the guys tells my husband that their equipment read a higher than usual level near here. Our response was, well duh! We have all smelled it for years! They seemed shocked to hear this. So for the past nearly 4 hours they have been cutting up the street. I over heard one of the guys on the phone telling someone that "we are more than 50 feet past where the end of this main should be and we don't see it"

Wonder how long this noise will go on? For them to start at 6PM they must have concerns.

This is dangerous, but they haven't evacuated us or anything. GAS CO FAIL!!!

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