Sunday, January 24, 2010


Pink is the color of a rose.
They come in other colors but everyone knows
pink is the mother-color of a rose.
Pink is a new baby, the inside of a shell..
Pink is a cooked shrimp and a Canterbury bell.
Pink is peachbloom, gauzy... frail
the wind's exquisite wedding veil.
Pink is a bonbon, pink is a blush,
some Easter bunnies are pink plush.
If you stand in an orchard In the middle of Spring
and you don't make a sound you can hear pink sing,
a darling, whispery song of a thing.
Pink is the beautiful little sister of red my teacher said, 
and a ribbon girls tie round their head.
Pink is the sash with the lovely fold
your remember when you're old.
Pink is the flower on a lady's hat
that nods and bows this way and that.

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