Attempted Murder Sauce

We had Pho for dinner tonight and I was reminded of this.
A few years ago I had jury duty. The trial I was on was for attempted murder. One of the 'hostile witnesses' was a nutty guy who was the eye witness to the crime, which had occurred inside his mothers car.

When the District Attorney asked him about all the 'red stains' that were all over the inside of his moms car, he told the D.A. that he was pretty sure it was from Siracha sauce. The D. A. said 'Siracha sauce. .  really?' 'Yes' he said and went on to explain what Siracha sauce is and how the color looked just like what was in his moms car, and so that is what it was.

So as a result I always refer to this as 'Attempted Murder Sauce'.

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