Friday, October 30, 2009

Annoying people

 I am on Vacation so I have had a chance to do things like drive around town and go into grocery stores and Target during the morning hours on a weekday- something that I can't normally due because I am at the office. I have come to the conclusion that a lot of people are stupid!

As I was checking out at my local Trader Joes today, I had this lady stand, seriously, right next to me on my right, practically on my feet! As I went to enter my pin in the machine I gave her a look and sort of shifted to turn my back on her ala you are WAY in my personal space, step back! and what does she do? She steps around me and now stands on my left as though she is in line in front of me- while I am still checking out!  What the hell? Even the checkout boy was looking at her. IDIOT!

Have you ever noticed that there is always someone in a store that is 'the loud one' yammering non- stop to someone they are with? Going on and on in a loud voice that nearly everyone in the store can hear? As I was trying to score some reduced Halloween crafty items this morning, I had to listen to a lady tell her 3 year old son at LEAST 50 times "they don't have any Fire truck things here, I don't see any Fire truck things here, we will have to go somewhere else because they don't have any Fire truck things here".
 Obviously she was not psychic because if she was she would have seen the visual I had of her falling into the christmas display becoming trapped in the faux trees, while the store workers called 911. A FIRE TRUCK would then roll out, and as I am leaving I say to her  as she flails around in the tangle of branches, lights and baubles "oh look there is a FIRE TRUCK THING! I guess they DO have them!" Yes. . .  she was that annoying
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