Friday, November 27, 2009

"Black Friday"

Thanksgiving is a weird holiday. I mean first of all you can be 'Thankful' anytime, and it's odd that we had to set aside a day for it.

Second it is a lot of hulla-ballo just for a meal. And once you have had a bite of each thing, well it's kinda over. I eat that particular meal only once a year. And the meal must include a bowl of black olives so I can put one on each finger and then eat them one by one. It is a tradition of at least 45 years now.

 It is a good day to talk about family memories and the happenings of childhood with your siblings however. And each time my mom says 'When was that?' or "When did that happen?' or 'You did what!?"  That is the fun part. And my mom is happy that she had no idea about these shenanigans at the time. She would have only worried, as mothers are apt to do about their kids.

So now its "Black Friday" a day that you HATE if you work in retail (which I did for many years) Why? It is not so much that its busy and crowded it's that people are rude and mean. It's only shopping, get over it if you find someone beat you to it. You know the rules limited supply, first come first serve. You should have been up earlier! Black Friday, it's when the Monsters come out!
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