Thursday, November 5, 2009

Flagstaff to Los Angeles - Road Trip Day 5

We left Flagstaff after breakfast, stopped briefly in Williams Az.  We made a planned stop in Ludlow Ca, because we had been through 2 years ago and taken some photos but had missed the cemetery. We had an approximate idea where the cemetery was but it was not accessible by car so we had to park and then walk a ways and cross the double freight train tracks to get to it. It is a small and forlorn little cemetery, but it looks as if one of the towns 10 or so residents is caring for it, replacing the crosses that once stood, but there are no names save for 3 stone monuments. After capturing these photos, we made great time to Needles, then Barstow. After fueling up just outside Barstow it was fairly smooth sailing home.  More traffic then we had seen almost all the trip of course.
These two photos are from my photography blog November Obscura, where I will post the photos from our road trip. The trip was wonderful, we made some great memories, but it is good to be home.

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