Monday, November 2, 2009

Tombstone AZ- Road Trip day 2

We left Tucson early this morning and headed for Tombstone. We arrived there at about 9:30 am. That is about when the 'historic' stuff opens. We walked around a bit, examined the old Courthouse and took a trolly tour that was nice, and helpful in that we saw what was where. Once back from the Trolly tour we headed to the Bird Cage Theatre.  I loved it! t felt so familiar, probly cuz I was almost certainly a 'soiled dove' from the old west in a recent former life. The history of the doves and old west houses of ill fame are one of my obsessions.
The place was full of history and I just felt such a great vibe there. The main room which had the 'cribs' or 'cages' on the second floor running along both sides actually opened to the main room where the show would be going on. The best girls rooms were downstairs where the main gaming and card tables were. I spent time alone in the back stage and main room areas cuz Jeff and Angelina had walked on ahead of me. I took quite a few photos, so let see what shows up!

From there it was on to the Boot Hill Cemetery down the road. The cemetery or what is left of it is not very big. Some of the graves had markers telling who was there but quite a few had 'unknown' written on them. Every grave had a large pile of stones as is common in this part of the country. And yes. .  I got a t- shirt. I am such a tourist!

We are now in Las Cruces New Mexico. We had planned to get to El Paso today but the time got away from us. We will head there tomorrow so we can see Concordia Cemetery.

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