Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bon Appetite

I bought my husband this book after we saw the movie Julie & Julia ( The blog that started it all is still on line at for anyone interested) - which we both loved by the way. He has since made a couple of chickens that were divine! I mean I never knew that roast chicken could be so exquisite!

We are rearranging our kitchen to serve better as a. . well. .  kitchen. So out with the bookshelves full of books and knic knacks and in with stainless steel shelves full of all the cooking implements we have but can't get to due to our lack of space!  We have slowly replaced all our major appliances so that part is complete.

With tomorrows grocery shopping- which if you have been paying attention you know I will do at either Fresh n Easy or Trader Joes or both- I am buying the ingredients for Julia's onion soup. Dinner will be heaven!
Bon Appetite!
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