Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quiet!! Baby sleeping!

Much to the annoyance of some of my non Christian friends, I love Holiday music! Even the super religious Christmas music. I keep my radio tuned to the local station that plays it annually usually beginning the day after Thanksgiving (but this year as with all other Christmas Creepiage in stores etc. even the radio station started 2 weeks early!)

The one song that I can not stand however, and it is because it is sooo overplayed. It is played after every station break, and at least once an hour is The Little Drummer Boy. I mean even my husband now sees that everytime I ask him to put the Christmas music on in his car, when he does it is that damn song!

 Not only do I dislike it for its annoyance of frequency especially when it is performed by that boys choir, but the who story is ridiculous! I can not imagine that Mary was any too thrilled to have finally put the baby to sleep for the night when here comes this brat with a drum of all things and starts beating on it!  Gift!? A gift would be for you to go outside and play QUIETYLY sonny!

Sleigh Ride, now that is a fun and sensible song!

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